5 Ways Registered Agent Services Can Benefit Your Business

Every state requires businesses registered as legal entities to have a registered agent – Nevada is no exception. The registered agent, also known as the agent of process or a statutory agent, must have a valid business address in the state.  


A registered agent is the designated individual who receives tax and legal documents, ‘service of process’ forms, and paperwork from the federal and state government on behalf of a company. The registered agent should be physically located in the same state the company is based.  

What are the Advantages of Using Registered Agent Services?

1. Helps Avoid Non-Compliance Issues

As a business owner, compliance matters may not be your area of interest or expertise. On the other hand, a registered agent is intimately familiar with the federal and state regulations and deadlines.


As your compliance partner, they will help you stay up-to-date, and avoid unnecessary penalties, which will be good for your business reputation in the state.  

2. Ensures Privacy

If you list yourself as your registered agent, then you’ll probably be listing your home’s address as your business mailing address. By doing this, you will put your home on the public record, and if anyone wants to reach you (usually by junk mail), they’ll use your home address.  

However, when you use a registered agent, their address will be listed instead, which means that you’ll have an extra layer of privacy for your business, especially if you work at home.

3. You Don’t Need to Have a Business Street Address

One of the biggest problems that small and online-based companies encounter with the state government is the lack of a physical location. If you don’t want to list your home, hire a registered agent and use their address. All the official mail from the state and service of process will be delivered to you through them.

4. You Can Do Business in Multiple States

It is a requirement in every state that a company needs to be registered with that state to conduct business. This regulation makes it harder for a lot of businesses to tap into new markets. But with the help of a registered agent in that particular state, you are allowed to operate your business freely.

5. You Can Move to New Locations without Filing Change of Address Forms

Using a registered agent service will make moving effortless. You won’t have to keep changing addresses every time you move. Instead, you’ll maintain your registered agent’s address.  

Hiring the Best Registered Agent Services

Different registered agent services offer a different quality of services. When looking for a professional, registered agent, ensure that you choose a company that is reputable with a long history of serving all types of businesses.  

At Forward Nevada, we can help.  Learn more about our registered agent services here.