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Brown University Makes Changes to its Mailbox Services


With school back now back in full swing, there was a noticeable change at Brown University in regards to their mailbox services. Previously, Brown University required packages and mail to be sent to different locations, but this past summer saw a major renovation to the university mailroom. The J. Walter Wilson Building, home to the mailroom, has now conveniently consolidated all of the University’s mailbox services into a single location.

Student mailboxes were all removed as part of the updated university mailbox services implemented by Brown this past summer. Students now simply swipe their University ID cards at a kiosk to receive their letter mail and package mail. The decision to make this change stems from the university’s increasing volume of students utilizing their mailbox services. The old system required students who were currently away from campus, such as for a study abroad, to give up their box number to another student studying on-site. These new mailbox services looks to streamline the process by sending all mail and packages to one location that students will always be able to access with their university ID cards.

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