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Mail Forwarding


Mailbox forwarding is also known as hybrid mail and is a service that redirects mail from one location to another. This mailbox service is beneficial for a variety of different types of people living various different lifestyles.

A mailbox forwarding service provides users with far more than simply having a post office box. With a standard PO box, users are only able to receive mail from the post office. Forward Nevada’s standard service, on the other hand, can receive mail from the US post office as well as packages delivered from services such as FedEX or UPS.

Small business owners reap the benefits of a physical, Nevada-based business address through our mailbox forwarding service. The state of Nevada requires corporations to have a physical street address as opposed to a po box. Small businesses looking to incorporate in Nevada will be able to use Forward Nevada as their virtual office in Las Vegas.

Mail forwarding isn’t only a service for business owners looking to maximize efficiency, it can also be useful for personal use. People who are constantly traveling or living abroad can benefit from having a permanent location to receive their mail. Forward Nevada can deliver your mail to you virtually anywhere in the world so no matter where you are, we can be there for you.

Forward Nevada is one of the most trusted mailbox forwarding services and is located right in the heart of Las Vegas, Nevada. For any further questions, please feel free to give us a call today at (702) 220-6245 or toll-free at (888) 450-6245.