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Mailbox Services for Breast Cancer Patients


When Gina L. Mulligan turned 40, she was busy working away on her novel when she heard the shocking news that would change her life. Gina was diagnosed with breast cancer, but she says the major change in her life wasn't her diagnosis, but what followed. Soon after her diagnosis, Gina began to receive encouraging letters and well wishes from her loved ones. These letters lead to the creation of Mulligan’s mailbox service for breast cancer patients.

Gina’s Girls Love Mail campaign sends handwritten letters to women who have been newly diagnosed with breast cancer. Being given the news that you've been diagnosed with breast cancer can be a shocking and scary experience for anyone. Among the myriad of informational brochures that patients are sure to be given along with their diagnosis, a handwritten letter from the Girls Love Mail mailbox service is often included. This mailbox service, much like the Mail for Our Military mailbox service we mentioned last week, represent the fantastic ways to give back through good old fashioned snail mail. A handwritten letter possesses a personal touch that an email cannot. If you're looking to help out the Girls Love Mail campaign, be sure to check out their website where they have sample letters and information about how you can get involved today.

If this mailbox service sounds great to you, why not invest in a personal mailbox service for yourself? Forward Nevada has provided users with a reliable mailbox forwarding service for over a decade. If you need a safe place to receive your mail, a new business address, or you just want a cool, Las Vegas address be sure to check out our website or give us a call at (702) 220-6245.