Is A Change of Address Better than Mailbox Forwarding?

The most common thing to do when moving to a new home or place of business is to sign up for a change of address with the post office. This notifies the post office that any mail originally addressed to your old address should be sent to your new one. A change of address might seem similar to a mail forwarding service, but it is far from being more efficient or better than mailbox forwarding.

Better Than Mailbox Forwarding?

When compared to a reliable mailbox forwarding service, a simple change of address with the post office is lacking in quite a few areas. The lack of a permanent, rooted address for an extended period isn’t too unusual for small businesses or young adults. Moving around and discovering different opportunities is perfectly normal, but this also leads to racking up many addresses in a short period of time.

A change of address with the post office can become extremely costly for you, fairly quickly. The benefit of retaining a single, physical address for a certain amount of time can be far more cost efficient and much more convenient for you and anyone trying to reach you. Maintaining a permanent mailing address is especially important for small businesses with customers or clients who need to get in touch with them but don’t communicate on a regular basis.

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