Maximize Your Profits and Move Your Business to Tax-Free Nevada

The great state of Nevada can act like a glimmering oasis for small businesses seeking to navigate the treacherous desert of corporate America. Nevada has an advantageous tax structure that appeals to small business owners looking for a way to maximize their profits. If you’re considering starting up a new business or are looking to expand your home business into something more, a move to Nevada could be just the thing you’re looking for.

Establishing Your Business in Tax-Free Nevada

Is Nevada Sales Tax-Free?

Now many people hear that Nevada is tax-free and wonder, “Is Nevada sales tax-free?” Unfortunately, the answer is no, but thanks to the millions of visitors to tourist cities like Las Vegas, Nevada residents do save a lot on most other taxes.

Nevada: Tax-Free State

Tax-free Nevada is a great place to incorporate your business. A lack of income or inventory tax isn’t all that Nevada has to offer you either, in fact, it’s just the start. Beyond that, Nevada also features low state payroll taxes as well as an affordable cost of living, especially when compared to neighboring California.

Your New Business Address

Moving to Nevada is only the first step to start reaping the benefits of your new tax-friendly business. If you’ve been running your business out of your own home, our team here at Forward Nevada can help you with a new, physical Las Vegas street address for your business.

Moving to a new city can be tricky so why not let us lend you a hand? Sign up for our mail forwarding services and not only can we help you establish a business here in tax-free Nevada, but we can also forward all your personal mail to your new home. Sign up here and start reaping the rewards of mail forwarding today.