The Endless Benefits of Doing Business in Nevada

You have a great idea, and you’re ready to take it to the bank.


Only now you need to decide where you will incorporate.


Whether you live in Nevada or you’re just looking for a business-friendly state, many companies have taken advantage of the legal and tax-friendly nature of Nevada by incorporating here.


Nevada allows companies to form a Limited Liability Company (LLC), and by doing so, you can establish a business with a dominant hold on the market.

Why Do More Legitimate Companies Use Nevada for Licensing?

Establishing an LLC through registered agent services in Nevada has its advantages. From taxes to growth, you can reduce the governmental strains of doing business elsewhere and give your business a chance to thrive.

Nevada LLCs Enjoy Almost No State-Level Taxes

Taxes can quickly bring down even the most successful business idea. However, a Nevada LLC enjoys virtually no state-level taxes. The state does not force your company to pay:

  • Corporate income tax
  • Personal income tax
  • Admissions tax
  • Unitary tax
  • Estate or gift tax
  • Franchise tax on income received


Nevada currently ranks fifth regarding the most favorable states for the Tax Foundation’s Business Tax Climate Index for 2017. As an LLC in Nevada, you do not pay for being in business here, and you do not have to worry about taxes when operating certain components of your business elsewhere.


Naturally, if the bulk of your business is done out-of-state, the state for your home office could subject you to taxes. However, the portion of income made in Nevada does not experience the same taxation.

Significant Asset Protection for Companies of All Sizes

Starting a business is a big risk for you. As an owner, you might be liable if someone sues your business. In Nevada, the liability limits to the company only, not the owner or agents of the enterprise.

Unless you engage in fraudulent activity, the responsibility falls on your business. Also, Nevada does not require a list of company-held assets. Therefore, you have no public records of assets linked to your company except for what you file with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).

Nevada Might Pay You to Move Operations Here

The Catalyst Fund was established with $10 million in 2011. The fund helps businesses relocate and expand in the state, and applications are available through the regional development authority.

Therefore, you may qualify to move your business and receive funding from the state to complete it.

Nevada Pays You to Hire Workers

Nevada is a state that wants to see its economy and people thrive. That is why they have the Silver State Works program, which gives your company up to $2,000 for every state-qualified employee you hire.

A Strategic Location for Businesses of All Purposes

The proximity Nevada has to the West Coast and California markets offer your business excellent import and trade opportunities. Also, you can significantly reduce shipping and storage costs and enjoy excellent air cargo rates when you ship from Nevada.

The cities of Reno, Sparks, Carson City, and Las Vegas are all growing communities.McCarran International Airport in Las Vegas serves more than 40 million people per year and carries more than 189 million pounds of cargo annually. Regarding cargo volume, it is the 38th busiest airport.

To the north, you also have the Reno-Tahoe International Airport, which is less congested and still highly efficient for cargo.

Ready to Incorporate? You Need a Registered Agent Services to Unlock the Benefits

Doing business in Nevada requires you to designate a registered agent for your LLC, partnership, corporation, and limited partnership arrangement. A registered agent service has a physical Nevada address and provides the state with a local, official contact for the company.

A registered agent, like Forward Nevada, handles all necessary receipts, including annual filings and entity changes. Furthermore, we help you establish a physical location here in Nevada, and we offer mail forwarding so that you can enjoy a Las Vegas-based business mailing address and have your mail sent to your out-of-state location.

Our confidential mail forwarding is expedited, and you can purchase six-month or 12-month packages to save on your forwarding and registry services.

To reap the benefits of doing business here in Nevada, hire our registered agent services here at Forward Nevada online or call us at 702-872-3359 now.